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July 04 2017


How to print a map?

How to make a map
A map is a schematic depiction of elements located in a certain space. There are various types for different purposes: physical and political maps, maps of streets and roads, climatic and relief maps.

map creator
Maps are essential foe educational purposes providing kids a clear understanding of geography. Maps are used in offices and are essential for various businesses. Using a map on the wall you can pin your offices and store units of your local competitors. In such a way you will also be able to estimate the area for local marketing and your brand promotion.

The greatest benefits of a printed map are:

    Clear visualization.
    Always in front of your eyes.
    Easy collaboration on strategic planning tasks, research and home tasks for students.

However the key goal of any map is to present clearly the locality in fine details. How to make a map and print it using standard home printer supporting A4 format as a maximum one?

There are different ways of how to make a map: from DIY from scratch to downloading ready-to-print maps. No matter in which way you will create a picture, you will face the same challenge of precise map print. Having no specific software you will need to locate an image on paper, to properly set margins for aligning and putting a print map together. Often the challenge ends up in piles of wasted paper and lots of wasted hours and efforts!

This tutorial will teach you how to make a map with RonyaSoft Poster Printer in few clicks and how to print a map on multiple pages and to get a high quality, well aligned picture of locality. The map will be printed on 6 sheets of A4 paper. This format is large enough to visualize fine details and to make any map clearly readable.http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/proposter/tutorials/how-to-print-a-map/

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